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HQ Holden racing in Western Australia has celebrated over 26 years of racing, but still continues to attract new and old blood into the category. With large grids and the only state to run a reverse grid race, we put on some bloody exciting racing! Such an iconic vehicle, racing in a competition controlled to ensure competitiveness has created a following which is steadily increasing... more info

Spectators love watching the HQ’s rubbing doorhandles in the return to a style of racing where overtaking is possible almost anywhere on the circuit. Come inside and check out our cars, drivers, view some action photos and view some action packed videos.

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October 23, 2017

The 2017 championship is over with Marc Watkins taking out a clean sweep of today's 3 races and defending his state title.

A big congratulations to Marc Watkins on taking out the season and bad luck to Wade Hedley who came into the final round with a 44 point lead but suffered major gearbox and clutch...